Confidence in Exercise

Confidence in Exercise

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Wearable Fitness Coach

Bring joy back into your training
Ludus is a new way to get back your body’s natural ability to move with elegance.

Be the Best Version of Yourself
Burn calories while improving your confidence and flexibility. Ludus is a systematic approach to enhance your movement.

Personalized Workouts
Your workout gets adjusted based on your feedback, goals and capabilities - just like a personal trainer!

Live Video Guidance
If you strap your phone around your arm, Ludus counts the reps you make. See your avatar mirroring your moves live on your TV screen.

Interactive video workouts
Ludus is a fitness coach that guides you through personalized video exercises demonstrated by professional trainers.

Wearable Fitness Coach schedule

Fits your schedule. Anytime. Anywhere.

Interactive video Personalized training

Personalized training plans for you.

Interactive video workouts

Interactive video workouts.

As flexible as you are
Ludus keeps track of your achievements. Sync your accomplishments and goals across all your devices.

Ludus Wearable Fitness Coach - Sync your devices

Designed by professional trainers
Burn calories and train your body with interactive video workouts – using nothing but your own bodyweight.

interactive video workouts designed by professional trainer

5 star user reviews

5 star user reviews
interactive video workouts
Live Video Guidance

Try it now for free!

Try it now for free!

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