Confidence in Exercise

Confidence in Exercise

 Ludus is a fitness coach that creates, adapts and guides personalized workouts for you.


Do I need anything else besides my phone to get started?

No. Ludus is fully functioning without any additional equipment. In interactive mode Ludus turns your smartphone into a capable wearable device. Just strap it around your arm, start the Ludus app and you’re ready to start exercising.

How does Ludus detect my moves during workout?

Ludus uses the motion sensors in your phone and your smartwatch during the workout to count repetitions and provide real-time audio and visual guidance.

Can I watch the exercises on my Apple TV?

Sure! Turn on Airplay mirroring on your phone to stream your workout videos to the big screen. In interactive mode, you see your moves in real-time on the screen.

Is Ludus app available for free?

Ludus is a freemium app. That means you may use it for free, forever. Additionally you can activate additional content and features with in-app purchasing.

I have an Android phone, can I download Ludus?

Ludus is currently available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS8 or later) only. We're working on an Android version, but the exact timing will be announced later.


Improved endurance, greater energy and an improved sense of overall well being.


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